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Securing Your Relationship After Threesome; What to Avoid

Whether gay, straight, or trans, one sexual fantasy everyone would like to have, is a night of exciting threesome sex. This is a rare experience, as everyone’s dream is to have a relationship with committed partners. Having a third fellow in the mix might spike up some feuds. However, the world is changing, so opinions, differences, and culture are also taking a toll. More than ever, the desire for threesome sex is becoming amplified. 

Securing Your Relationship After Threesome; What to Avoid - porndoe

A study revealed that one in every five porn viewers in the US, UK, and Canada prefer the threesome category. And popular pornsites such as Porndoerecorded more than 9 million search entries for this category.

Threesome Sex-A closer to look

Yes, threesome sex, a formerly known taboo now a fantastic sexual adventure. But we must get the facts. Not all bisexuals want to have sex with straight couples. Not all straight people are comfortable with having their partner shared with another. This has brought a major controversy and reason for real questioning. How does my relationship turn out after several episodes of threesome sex? What must I avoid during a threesome that could hurt my relationship? Well, while personal experience might be the greatest teacher. We have carefully unveiled some things that might be harmful to your relationship during a threesome. Below are a few;

Prioritizing the third party

Have you ever stumbled on some threesome content? You probably need to check a few of them on Porndoe. You’ll observe that a lot of partners make the mistake of prioritizing the other party over their partner. During sex, they always dish it hot to another party, with intense blow jobs, Froggie and foreplays, while having their partner enjoy lesser of the vibe. This, in the long run, can create disconnection, mistrust, and suspicion.

Dishonest communication

Partners must be honest with each other, because the slightest dishonesty can spur mistrust, jealousy, and suspicion.

Failing to put boundaries

The reason why so many relationships are broken after a threesome ecstasy is boundaries. Before having sex, all parties involved must set boundaries that would guide throughout the foreplays. This enables partners to know what to expect ahead of time. Thus, reducing the chances of misunderstanding. If you are probably clueless about initiating this, you could check out a few video collections on porndoe. 

Neglecting protection

During a threesome, all parties involved must wear a condom. It’s also cool to go a step further with contraceptives, spermicides, etc. This is because cases of pregnancy could bring up the misunderstanding in the marriage. 

Latent Insecurity 

Suspicion and latent insecurity can damage a relationship. Especially after the threesome, many begin to regurgitate the episode and thus begin to fret. Dates, couples must first be mature before having a go at a threesome sex.

The Bottom Line; Bridging the Gap

There is no doubt; threesome sex is an incredible sexual experience everyone deserves. However, it has two sides; it can be an unbelievable source of pleasure, sexual satisfaction and a source of breakup suspicion and jealousy.

Therefore, it is wise to utilize the enormous sexual satisfaction it brings and carefully avoid whatever triggers a rift during and threesome sex. For more captivating threesome sex content, you could check out porndoe.